Annie Wood

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The Kind of Woman Who Wears Poems in Her Hair

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23” x 30” mixed media on Arches Acid-free, pH-neutral, air-dried,  100% cotton paper

I’m an artist—actor—poet, and sometimes I use my poems in my art. 

in this piece, three of my poems live in her hair. 😃you can make out some of the words, but if you’d like to see more, don’t worry because all three poems will be sent along with the painting!

this work was created with rice paper,
Ink, acrylic paint, pastels, graphite, Posca pens, charcoal and oil  

🖼This artwork is signed and dated. 
🖼This artwork comes with a 
Certificate of Authenticity
🖼️ This artwork comes with 3 original poems printed on gorgeous rice paper. 
🖼Free, fast shipping directly from the artist