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Annie has been writing since she was eight years old: scenes, plays and poetry. She has since written screenplays that have been optioned and had her award-winning web series, Karma's a Bitch produced by Roundabout Productions which was Best of the Web on Virgin America Airlines. She is a proud member of The Writers Guild of America West, The Dramatist Guild and The Authors Guild. 

Annie's personal essays, poetry, and short fiction have been published in The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, El Portal Literary Journal, and P.S. I Love You. She writes coming-of-age screenplays and has three books out now:  Dandy Day, A Quantum Love Adventure, and her first YA novel, Just a Girl in the Whirl (Speaking Volumes Press) and Brightness the Bird Girl (Mio Press). 

In addition to writing, Wood is also a TV/Film/VO actor and an Internationally exhibited visual artist. She has a neurodiverse ADHD brain and meditates twice a day. 

Click below for my new picture book, Brightness the Bird Girl!

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Just a Girl in the Whirl

"A well-crafted and resonant novel about an overburdened teenage girl’s journey toward self-realization." -Kirkus Reviews

A Quantum Love Adventure

"A joy to read, from beginning to end. Really makes you think about how things are, how things might be, should've been, maybe are." -Amazon reviewer 

Dandy Day

"Dandy Day will leave you, and your heart, feeling rattled-awake, lifted out of the hum-drum, and more alive too!" - Amazon reviewer

Karma's a Bitch web series

Starring, created and written by Annie Wood. 16 episodes total. Was BEST OF THE WEB on Virgin Inflight Entertainment. 

And here's episode 4 of my follow up series, "Instant Karma." 

Award-Winning Animated Documentary Short, Dad's Frenemy

Best Animated documentary short in Documentaries Without Borders International Film Festival

Micro Shorts

Stopmotion and art films inspired by lock down and quarantine times (2020-2021) 


One of the first short films written, starring and directed by Annie.

Produced by The Ronald Brothers

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