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Here's a link to my IMDB. For those who don't know, it stands for Internet Movie Database. It's where all  actor's TV and Film work is listed. (It doesn't include theatre or commercials.)
Annie Wood on IMDB

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Guest on 

The Tonight Show

In the late 90s I was a TV dating game show host and co-producer of BZZZ!  This gave me the honor of being the 3rd female solo dating game show host in the history of television. Here's a short clip from my appearance on Leno

Here's a sneak peak at the film I co-starred in last year, The Micro Budget Mystery! Coming soon! 


Oh what a time it was! I got to travel the country promoting the show, I hired my bestie to be my personal assistant and we proceeded to have the time of our lives. I told E! Entertainment, "All I ever wanted was my own TV show and a dog. Now I have both!" Good times indeed. 
BZZZ! is a classic 90s show and in 2020 it reached a whole new audience when some episodes reaired on BUZZR. 

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Acting Demo

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Voice Over Demo