A r t i s t      A c t o r      W r i t e r      P o e t

Here's a bit about me. 

(In third person 'cause it's less braggy and way more impressive.)

Internationally exhibited artist, neurodiverse actor, writer and poet, Annie Wood, was born and raised in Hollywood, California. Annie was a dating game show host and co-producer on the nationally syndicated dating game show, BZZZ! making her the third solo female dating game show host in the history of television. She was a guest on The Tonight Show and has appeared on several TV shows, films, and her voice can be heard in video games, commercials and toys.

As an artist, Annie creates art with whatever is in reach. She is moved by memories, real and imagined, humor, pathos and magical realisim. Annie agrees with the writer, Chuck Palahniuk, who famously said, Everything you do shows your hand. Everything’s a self portrait. Everything’s a diary.

She's attracted to textures, loves layers and likes creating images that are steeped in nostalgic joy and vibrant longing. Annie’s work has appeared in many group exhibits across the country. Her last solo exhibit showcasing trailblazing women, Pardon Me While I Blaze Some Trails was at the Mainstay Gallery in Santa Monica. Her solo exhibit before that, Beautiful Imperfections, took place in beautiful Venice, Italy and the one before that Annie Wood in Hollywood, in her hometown of Hollywood, California. 

Annie finds anything & everything in life to be inspiring, 
maddening, and ART. 

In-Depth Interview and Studio Tour

A one hour studio visit where Annie talks about creativity, hers and yours. 

She is inspired and aims to inspire. 

Timestamped when you watch on YouTube so you can skip around to specific topics.

The Big Plan 

(back to first person)

I'm keeping my online art gallery  nice and tidy to soothe my-prone-to-overwhelm-brain. I'll have 15 or so artworks of various sizes and mediums in my shop at all times and swap out the art after a bit to keep things fresh. But if you see something in the gallery or elsewhere on the interwebs that isn't in my store,  just reach out and I'll let you know if it's still available. 

For prints and artsy gifts, feel free to check out my Etsy shop

Artist at Work: Annie Wood

Visual Wizards Productions interviewed me in my studio a few years back in this micro documentary short.