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Monday Night's Dream

$1800.00 USD

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Acrylic, Inks, Spray Paint, Real Gold Leaf + Oil on Canvas

24" x 36"

Gloss varnished thrice :)  with UV coasting, Winsor Newton 

Certificate of Authenticity

Ready to hang and ship

I've started recording my dreams in a dream journal. I love the places I visit and the animals that show up. Animals are always showing up in my dreams. 

I found a book in a used bookshop, "Animal Spirit Guides" (2006)  and refer to it every morning.  

According to the book:

A white horse means I'm protected from negative energy and I'm being called to investigate other spiritual realms and dimensions."

Oooooh. I like it. 

I painted this piece in several layers and decided it needed REAL gold leaf.  'Cause I'm fancy like that. :)

Dream well,