I Like Men in Hats & Women Who Dance

a memoir in essays and art

My memoir is a mix of show biz memories of growing up in Hollywood and hosting my own nationally syndicated dating game show in the 90s (BZZZ!)  living a life as a wild child creative compulsive, handling loss and carrying on. 

It's a combo platter of short essays and my original illustrations, photographs and collages. 

I'm inspired by the writer, illustrator, Maira Kalman, whose books are of her paintings with words, sometimes writing about a memory, or something simple that she enjoys,  an observation, all the words fit around and beside the artwork. As I continue to work on this project I plan on leaning more in that direction while still including longer essays in some chapters.

My goal is to find representation whom I can bounce these ideas off of! 

Find samples of my artwork and writing below. 

 Knock on Wood Productions