Extreme times call for extreme art making.

I create because I must.

I do it for me

but also



Stop Motion Films

I never thought I had the patience to create stop motion but with the extra time on my hands, I guess I found my patience. Here are some super short shorts.

Works on Paper

Many of my new drawings and paintings are for sale. Part of the proceeds of the artwork I created during quarantine will go to CDC's Emergency Fund to help combat the coronavirus. 

If interested in a piece, please message me for further details and to find out if it's still available. 

If you saw a post on social media that you don't see here, feel free to ask me about it!

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I was thrilled to get cast as Mary Spielberg (Steven's niece) in one of the very first SAG/AFTRA ZOOM series!

I had so much fun guest starring with these talented child stars in the comedy, The Quarantine Bunch.

The Toilet Paper Tube Diaries


Short Films

As part of the Passover Telling Project created by the Alliance for Jewish Theatre, I wrote a short, performed this short, Elijah 2020.

My lifelong bestie, Melisa Malvin, and I wrote a short, Nessie and Bessie, that we are going to star in during quarantine for a Zoom shoot with her in Washington State and me in Los Angeles.


Directed by the super talented, Peter Arpesella. 

Coming Soon!

The Getty Art Challenge

Myself and my quarantine mate, husband Peter Arpesella, enjoyed this challenge!

 Knock on Wood Productions