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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

An excerpt from my book of memoir essays, What a Trip. Taken from my journal. #memoir #storytelling #movies


with you.

All of you.

The yous of my life.

I remember these scenes so vividly. All I have to do is press rewind and it will play for me in vibrant Technicolor and in classic black and white.

The Mosquito Coast as I lay in my hotel bed alone in Costa Rica desperately trying to avoid a Latin Louse who couldn’t take NO for an answer.

Notes slide under my door from the hotel staff. A man is calling.

A man is always calling. Sometimes it’s nice, other times it’s not so nice.

This particular one tried to get me to eat an hallucinogenic flower that grew wild there. I didn’t.

I went back to my room, alone, and watched River Phoenix in The Mosquito Coast.

Mae West paid me a visit in I’m no Angel while I lay post-op at Cedar Sinai’s high on pain meds, I happily dosing in and out of Mae's quippy one liners,

And don't forget. Come up and see me sometime.

The Flintstones kept me company at 4:00am when I tried to stay awake and away from what I was certain were visiting aliens. If I never went to sleep, they couldn’t get me! My big, black lab, Addie, snored loudly while Fred screamed, Wilma!

Valmont was such a treat while I did my laundry in my first ever solo apartment in West Hollywood. I drank martinis and felt so grown up. My own place, my own dog, my own laundry, watching what I wanted, when I wanted to. Viva la Valmont!

Parenthood screened for me many a time. Each with a lover who didn’t know of the other. No, I would say, I’ve never seen Parenthood. Let’s watch it. I mouthed the words along with Keanu, ‘cause that’s what little dudes do.

Ice Age in that horrible rent a hell hole we lived in. Well, not live in, but stay in. but, only for a little while. I found another place soon enough. But that big move of mine didn’t solve a damn thing, did it? No, because I took me with me.

I just couldn't stay put, sit still, or calm the hell down.

Live and learn.

Live and learn.

Almost Famous with you both. I mumbled out loud, What a great movie. I can’t believe this is the last movie I will see before someone I love dies.

How random.

How bizarre.

How true.

An hour later one brother called to tell me that the other brother was gone. Six Feet Under aired the first night I came back from sitting shiva. It held me tight through it all.

As a kid, falling asleep to Taxi episodes. Alex was so comforting, so sweet. Elaine Nardo was so lucky to get to hang out with Bobby and Tony and all the guys. I very much wanted to grow up to be Nardo.

Moonstruck in your grandma’s house. You love me? well….snap out of it!

The Peppertree theatre. You took me to see The Fog, The Wall and my all time favorite, Harold and Maude. I was ten. You were my hero. I snuck in and watched Heavy Metal with you. Kind of a perverted, strange and trippy film.

I liked it.

Escape to Witch Mountain in my condo on Cynthia street, on my four poster California King bed with Addie, the dog. I called you to tell you it was on. I couldn't believe I went so many years without watching it again. Feeling misunderstood, just like those child witches. How can people not see their power? My power? How come none of us ever see each other’s power?

The Shining, the one made for TV, scared me more than the movie. Also in the condo with Addie. I so very much wanted someone there to watch it with me. A person.

Not just any person.

A person of character,

a person of strength,

a person of…personhood.

Not just anybody, not just any… body.

I didn’t sleep that night. I stayed awake thinking.

Thinking far too much about things that I could not change.

Harold and Maude – everywhere , with everyone. From every home I’ve ever lived in. Harold, everyone has the right to make an ass of themselves. You can't let the world judge you too much! Amen, Maude, my greatest guru, a-freakin'-men.

Terms of Endearment when my parents were away. You stayed with me in the townhouse for the first time. It was our first night with each other. I told you all about the theatre company in Hollywood. You listened to me in my parent’s kitchen, you looked at me like I was the most fascinating person you had ever met. That worked for me. The movie made us cry. We had sex on the stairs and in my childhood bedroom. My first love. Who knew there would be so many?

So many… movies and TV shows peppering my memories,

helping me remember by moving pictures

the many









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