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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

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Welcome to my new biweekly blog! START is a combo platter of true stories taken from my WIP memoir, What a Trip, about love, loss & growing up in Hollywood, excerpts from my three upcoming books: 📚new YA release, A GIRL IN THE WHIRL & the re release of my rom coms, DANDY DAY & JUST A THEORY & my ART!


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Headshots Revisited art series

START! episode one

Excerpt from What a Trip

It was a waxing present moon the day I was born.

I have no idea what that means, I just think it sounds meaningful and poetic and I wanted to start this thing off in a meaningful, poetic fashion.

It was also 72 degrees on February 10th in Los Angles. I forget the year.

(Makes sense, newborns can’t read calendars.)

There’s a story that when Gertrude Stein was at Harvard her philosophy professor had the following question on his final exam.

What is the meaning of life?

Gertrude wrote, The meaning of life is to go outside on such a beautiful day.

She handed the paper in and went outside.

She got an A.

The professor told the class that she truly understood philosophy.

This story got me thinking... what is it that I truly understand?

I’m staring at the blank page which usually fills me with a great sense of excitement. The blank page mostly flirts with me playfully, calling me to fill her up with my wonder, observations and a clever turn of phrase. But not today. Today she demands the truth. The truth, that might not always be cloaked in wit, concealed with comedy.

Sometimes, it’s the truth as it pains me.

The truth that once alluded me.

The truth that might set me free.

But free from what? I don’t know. At least not yet.

The page, it’s still blank. The mantra repeats in my head,

Let Your Heart Be Seen, Let Your Heart Be Seen, Let Your Heart Be Seen.

I write fiction. My entire life. A lot of it. Screenplays, plays, stories, scenes, poems, you name it, I write it. The times that I’ve chosen to write non fiction have been mostly in a few blog posts. I took to writing real feels after my mom died. My Dear Eema blog chronicled the first year of grief. At the time, strangers reached out to me to tell me how it moved them and thanked me for writing it. It would seem that bearing more of my soul, connected me to other souls in a deeper way that went beyond a few laughs and entertainment. Not that I’m knocking laughs and entertainment! The world needs that. It always has and it always will. And I certainly am not through with the HA HAs! But this going deeper thing… it’s shifted something in me that seems to have needed some shifting. I’ve redecorated my insides and I've gotta say, I’m digging the new layout. Although, I’m not quiet used to it yet. I keep getting lost and I can’t stop bumping into the furniture. But, with your encouragement and love and with a bold foot forward, I’m diving into this memoir writing journey. In doing so, the first thing I’ve discovered is that I haven’t told many of my stories before. To anyone. One of my many mantras (see chapter Mantra) has always been Be Here Now. But maybe my being here now and my choice to not look back has made me miss some important clues. Clues that may help reveal more of me - to me. So, why not take a closer look? What am I afraid of anyway? If I allow my scars to show, will I no longer be seen as the happy, courageous, bright light that I so enjoy being? Will I shine less if I admit to my weaknesses? No, not weakness, vulnerabilities. Ah, screw it. What if they are weaknesses? Don’t we all have them? Why should I care so much how I’m “seen” anyway? I thought I didn’t let myself get bogged down by such things. I thought,

I think, all sorts of things about myself.

But are any of them true?

I can't wait to find out.



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