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Theatre Productions

Featuring I Like Your Hat 

A lonely, quirky woman makes friends with an unwilling stranger on a bus. 

Featuring Don't Know No Jokes

The ghost of legendary comedianne, Moms Mabley, shows up in an alley outside of a comedy studio to egg on a female comedianne who just bombed. 

Short play, Shirley Maclaine,

is a semi-finalist!

A man and woman have a fender bender on the street and discover that there really are no accidents.

You Again a reunion of sorts

Two old flames, now senior citizens, meet at a bar and reminisce

Complicated Heroes, a play in two acts - winner of the Fritz Blitz New California Playwrighting competition. Performed at the Lyceum Theatre in San Diego, CA

A simple but neurotic woman goes home with a successful, educated man after their first date. They both soon realize that people aren’t so easy to read. 

Working, a short scene

Further, a short scene

British actress, Leoni Amandin, performing my monologue,
Come, Go, Stay

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