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Artist Statement


“Just remember, people are very strange. 

Including you.”




I’m a life long actress, playwright and former game show host. An author of rom com novels and an internationally exhibited artist and illustrator living in my hometown of Hollywood, California and i love eavesdropping. I mean… observing. 


Because of this pension for observation, I enjoy candid street photography and creating drawings of the strangers I see around me. I often sketch in the moment, while a friend is telling me a story over drinks or watching two strangers on a park bench. Sometimes I take a photo instead, all sly like, as if I were using my iPhone camera to take a selfie but I’m really shooting them, and then I use it as reference to draw later. When I get home, I add color using watercolor, gouache and other materials I may have lying about.


Each time I sketch someone, I somehow feel closer to them. Even though the final result was only based on them, I like to think that I capture their vibe, and by capturing their vibe, I’m connecting with them. The drawer and the drawie, linked together forever by squiggly lines. 


Love, humor and connection, for me, that’s what it’s all about. 



A few sketches from my

Italy Sketchbook.


Below are a few of the pieces from my solo show in

Venice, Italy, Beautiful Imperfections.

 Knock on Wood Productions